Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 2 - in the blogging world (said in the big brother accent)

Think Jewellery maybe be my new thing - I made 2 brocelets and 1 neclace last night - Will try and see if I can add a picture - scary stuff.......

Camera is rubbish - dropped one too many times, hence the black spots

Still can't work out how to add myself as a follower to things.............


  1. Great necklace and bracelets I love the pink glass beads. Well done you for blogging two days in a row. I have yet to even post a blogpost since we got back catching up on the cleaning and washing... xxx Hugs Pascale

  2. Looks like you found those beads :D
    These look great! I do love crackle beads they sparkle so nicely. You should take pics of what you made over the weekend as well. I forgot to picture the jewellery :(
    Thank you for the pictures you emailed I will make sure my Mum gets to see them too.

    Huge hugs

    Amy xx

  3. Oh and the follower thing the easiest way is when you are on a blog you like you can click follow in the top left :D


  4. Yay Natalie - go you, with your blogging! The jewellery is beautiful! Dont know how you have had the time to get on with it!

    The copics arrive tomorrow - but I am working and Josh has a disco in the evening - I have to go along and meet the pta (which is a pain in the butt tbh) - so I may not get to play with them!

    Keep it up hun - and dont stress if you dont post for a few days, its ok, we will all still be here!


  5. Yay get you & ya blog posting!!
    Fab creations hunnie, missing our giggles loads
    catch up with ya real soon
    hugs shell xx