Monday 17 October 2011

First Post

Good Morning Crafter's

Now this is my first real post - no alcohol involved this time:-)

Had an amazing craft weekend away - World war 3 seemed to start as soon as I walked through the door...... Though David did try to ashore me they had been fighting like that all weekend :-)

Not sure what to type now - so think I 'll stop before I get there no spell check on this thing??????



  1. Yay it is so great to see you blogging :D
    Thank you for a great weekend and for keeping us all talking. I am looking forward to meeting up and crafting.

    Huge hugs

    Amy xx

  2. Hello you mad women, first off I've gotta say THANK YOU for making me laugh so so sooooooooooo much this weekend hun it was fab & I can't believe we have to wait 12 months to do it all over again :O(
    huge hugs shell xx

  3. Ha ha ha - Natalie - well done with your first proper post - hmmmmmm, seems a remarkably sober one to me!

    Gonna go and press "follow" now!


  4. Hi Natalie it was great to meet you this weekend and to have all the laughs you brought!! I liked your stories and it was great to have a drinking buddy I hope that next time we have a few cartons of Merlot Hugs Pascale xxx

  5. Hey there hun! I just signed up to follow your posts. Glad you decided to keep blogging!! You were such a funny gal and we all loved you to bits - hope to meet up again sometime!
    Teri xx

  6. Hi Natalie!!

    Welcome to the blogging world, hope you keep it up!

    Was fab to meet you at the weekend and hope we can all meet up again some time.

    Emma xx

  7. Hi

    All of the above.....with a little glitter and a few beads!

    Chris x