Thursday 20 October 2011

I bet you all thought that I had given up this blogging thing?

But not yet - I am still here, just busy at work.......... :-(

Jewellery Update  - Wanted to make some more jewellery last night, but thought I would sort my seed beads out - what an exciting night:-)  my sister enjoyed it to:-)

Let me explain a bit further...... about 6 months ago I bought a really nice compartment-ed box with about 10 different lots of coloured seed beads, each colour nicely in it's own compartment, so I open the box to take a closer look and ahhhhhhhhhhh - I think I said something a bit stronger than that!!!!!!  .....The whole lot fell to the floor, so the beads were scooped up and almost thrown into the box, the lid put back on, elastic band attached and the box hidden at the back of the cupboard.  Each Compartment all the same mixed up colour.

I found them last night, and thought it would be a good idea to sort them back into the correct colour groups, obviously thinking it wouldn't take long, especially as my sister and her partner were coming over for dinner........... Do you know how therapeutic it is sorting seed beads into piles, it was so hard to stop sorting - Well 6 hours later and not many words spoken......... we are half way......... roll on tonight for the final sorting:-)

Have a good day



  1. Nope. No Way! Nope. I just dont believe that you were THAT quiet!!! mwah ha ha!

    Thats exactly what I would have done if they had all dumped out on the floor! And, yes, it can be therapeutic - am going to go and dig out my beads later today!


  2. Where are yoooooooouuuuuu? I have been away for a week, I come back, take some time to surf....and you are nowhere to be seen!!!!!

    Make some noise!